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Selecting A Mat

The Mat is the border material, usually some type of cardboard, that is placed around your picture within the frame.  It can be black, white or a color.  A well-chosen mat complements your picture.  White mat has a stark appearance that brings out the lighter elements in the artwork.  Black does the reverse by bringing out the darker tones.   Colored mats do a combination of highlighting dark and light elements.  Sometimes, layered mat that has two or more colors concentrically around the artwork highlight multiple tones, but it can be busy.   Test the mats in advance at a professional frame shop to see what works best.

Consider an Attachable Light

In a dark room or a gallery, a picture light that attaches to the top of the frame and shines down on your art might be a good choice.   You should measure the width of the picture and use a light about half the size.  The shade over the light (usually metal) is available in may colors and designs.  There are many finishes on the bulb from which to choose.  You can select anything from frosted to direct light, including different colors.  Many lights can be installed by you, but we recommend using a professional frame shop to make sure no damage, like a scratch, occurs.  Florida Frame House and Gallery can help you with all your lighting choices and installation.