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Selecting Glazing for Your Framing

Glazing is important when it comes to the protection of your framed piece.

What is is glazing? Glazing is the protective covering used within a picture frame that covers your art.  It can be glass or acrylic.  We suggest you select Conservation Grade glazing to protect your artwork or anything you would like framed.

A professional custom framing expert offers many framing options to meet your needs and provide a finished piece that has both superior protection and a great looks.

Bring Your Interior Designer Along

Walls, floors, lighting, furniture, and artwork are the tools an interior designer uses to create an atmosphere.  A good interior designer can transform your living spaces into a range of settings for different activities.  For example, a kitchen or work area of your home may be bright and colorful to promote energy.  Conversely, a den or bedroom could have a soft feel with muted colors to encourage relaxation.  The art you hang in these rooms, including the frames you select, should compliment these goals.  A professional gallery and framing shop can guide you through your decisions by offer a range of art pieces for sale and accompanying frames to suit your objectives.  So, bring your interior designer along on your gallery and framing shop visit so all your desires can be coordinated for maximum satisfaction.