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Framing a Photograph

Two good reasons for framing a photograph are Ease of Viewing and Protection.

First, select a photograph that is worthy of viewing.  For example, an interesting landscape or landmark might be good choice for a public area of your home or business.  More personal photographs such as children or a family vacation might be better in a den or bedroom to re-live intimate memories.

The frame you select can facilitate Ease of Viewing by drawing in an observer’s attention.  Also, the frame should compliment the room setting or architecture.  Understand your light source to avoid any reflections off the frame.  A custom framing shop can help you pick the proper selection by trying out various samples.

Protection is important so the photograph doesn’t fade over time.  Non—glare glass can help.  Don’t have the photograph press against the glass because the two might fuse eventually.  Use spacers to keep a small distance between the picture and the glass.  Also, having the photograph glued on a Mat with a proper adhesive should keep it from wrinkling in the future.

Wood Verses Metal Picture Frames

Selecting the right frame for a painting or photograph is important.  A number of factors should be evaluated.  Primary considerations are:

1. Picture Type: For a rustic painting or sepia photograph, a wood frame may be appropriate.  For a contemporary painting or colorful photograph, a metal frame may accent the content more effectively.

2. The Room: If the room where your picture will hang is traditional, a wood frame may look better.  For a more modern or high tech environment, a metal frame may be the right choice.

3. Personal Preference:  And, as always, what you like is important.  Pick a frame you love because you will be living with it for a long time.

Of course, an important selection task is to take your picture to a custom framing shop and test frame samples with it.  Florida Frame House and Gallery can help you select the proper frame that accents your picture and your room’s ambience.  Click here to see a sample of our frame selections…  Also, we can order a wide variety of additional designs from our vendor network.