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Digital High Resolution Photgraphy

ID-100201760Digital cameras are quickly becoming more and more affordable. You can buy a good name brand with all the latest features and begin taking amazing photos. Many people think that the resolution on their camera is good enough for taking pictures, and yes the camera on your phone will do in a pinch, but to take breath taking photos you should really pick up a digital camera.

The resolution of the camera refers to the amount of pixels within the picture. The more pixels the clearer the quality of the picture. For printable pictures the suggested resolution you should look for is¬†1216×912. Going up from here increases the amount of the camera as well, but it also increases the quality of photos you can take. Professionals use cameras that can capture an image with anywhere from 16 million pixels to 20 million.¬†Hewlett Packard estimates that the quality of 35mm film is about 20 million pixels.

Many different variables determine photo finish quality. for instance the lens, image sensor, and response times will effect the final outcome of the image you’re trying to capture. Don’t let the pixel numbers confuse you, most SLR and DSLR cameras come with the equipment to take high resolution pictures. The most important thing for taking good pictures is making sure the exposure is proper for the amount of lighting for the picture to turn out the way you want it to.

To take the best pictures make sure that you’re not shaking the camera. You can buy all sizes of camera stands to keep from suffering a shaky hand. you can also ensure that you’re focused properly on the focal point of the picture you wish to capture. Never resize an image on your computer without backing up the original picture. If you accidentally make a mess of the picture you were working on you’ll be heart broken to find out you can’t get back the original picture.

Also avoid the digital zoom option on the camera. This will automatically zoom in on the picture you’ve just taken, much like you would when you’re editing. This will make you picture turn out blurry, don’t use this feature because it will wreck the original image you had.

If you want to do more than just have fun with your camera, you can join a photography class or join photography enthusiasts who get together to go on field trips to take pictures and compare the outcome. There are also a number of online communities for sharing high resolution pictures.

And once you’ve got a picture that’s frame worthy come down to the store and we’ll help you find the perfect frame for that master piece.