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Framed Art Adds Great Personality to Your Home

gallery4If you want to change the atmosphere in your entire house or in a particular room, consider buying artwork that conveys the message you want to send. You can create a unique feel in each room buy purchasing art to bring that feeling to life.  Once you decide on the feeling you want to create, think about the color that illustrates that feeling. For example, yellow brings energy and joy to a room, while blue brings tranquility. White brings innocence and cleanliness, while black brings mystery, elegance and power. Choosing the color scheme is very important, so research what color combinations signify.

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Should I Choose a Custom Picture Frame or a Ready-Made Picture Frame?

image8The answer to whether to choose a custom or ready-made picture frame varies based on the size of the art and desires of the owner, such as the level of conservation desired. Most ready-made frames are only sold in certain sizes, which are typical picture sizes. There are metal and wooden frames that might be a perfect compliment to your artwork. If preservation of your artwork is not an issue, the less expensive option of a ready-made frame might be the right choice.

If you are looking to preserve your artwork for a longer time frame, you should consider purchasing a custom frame. You might also choose a custom frame if you want a truly distinctive look for your artwork, you should consider a custom frame. The benefits of purchasing a custom frame is that you get to speak with a professional to choose every aspect of the frame, including the molding, matting, backing, glazing and hardware. It is a financial investment, but it is worth it for the artwork that you want to preserve.

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Why is Professional Picture Framing Worth the Investment?

image7We love art and appreciate its deep meaning. Art is an incredible record of history, as well. Art is worth preserving for future generations to enjoy and that is what professional framers do. If you want your children or grandchildren to be able to enjoy that piece of art or picture, it is worth the investment. Professional framers use special techniques and treatments to preserve your artwork. They can also diminish damage that has already been done. Once the artwork or photograph has been professionally framed, your artwork is much safer.

Framing isn’t just about putting your artwork in a frame to accent it, but it is about the conservation that protects your artwork for years to come. Of course, professional framers will also make your artwork look even better than it already does. Hiring a professional eye brings out the subtle details in your artwork through the perfect framing. Attempting to preserve your artwork by yourself is very risky, as untrained hands can greatly damage artwork.

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Art Conservation & Restoration

gallery12Conservation and restoration are different crafts. Conservation is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage. A conservationist will examine a work of art, document the details of that artwork, clean the artwork, and possibly treat the artwork if damage has been done. A conservationist focuses on preventing deterioration and other problems with the art with minimal intervention. If intervention must be done, conservationists attempt to make all changes be fully reversible. That way, the original art can be viewed again, if desired.

Restoration is not done as often, as the changes are not always reversible. Restoration was done more in the past, though. A restorationist attempts to return a damaged piece of art back to its original state. Some level of imagination has to be incorporated, as many pieces of art were not documented historically and no one actually knows exactly how it looked. So, there is no guarantee that the artwork is like its original state. A common practice of restoration is painting a tinted varnish over areas that paint has chipped away. It gives the illusion that the art has been touched up, when it has not been.

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