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Florida Frame House Completed 7th Move!

Florida Frame House 2

We are proud of our rich history at the Florida Frame House in Winter Park, Florida. We have been in the business for 58 years, which is longer than any other shop of its kind in Central Florida. During our years, we have gone through changes as we have improved our quality and service. We are proud to announce that we have completed our 7th move and the workshop is open.


We are now located at 915 N. Pennsylvania Ave. in Winter Park and the gallery will be opening soon. We are confident that you will enjoy our new location, so please make sure you visit. To keep consistency with our customers, we have kept our phone numbers the same and you can contact us at 407-644-1323 or email us at info@floridaframehouse.net.


We want to make your home look beautiful and unique with our museum quality custom framing, beautiful sculptures, and original etchings. We pride ourselves on our quality, reliability and reasonable prices and hope you will trust our experts to help you. We are working hard to prepare our gallery so that you can check out our large selection of beautiful and elegant frames. Our experts enjoy making your art or photographs into a new creation that will showcase artistic talent.