Garden Ideas

Custom frames used in the out-of-doors – a great use for empty, old frames, or for use inside only? Visit our Gallery and Custom Frames Shop in Winter Park, Florida (next to Orlando, Florida) and we can guide you through this

Bedroom Ideas

Here’s a lovely setup for a modern bedroom space. The two black and white images in a traditional black and white frame design. The round mirrors above the beds balance everything out, offering softer lines. Lovely!  Visit our Gallery and

Wall Groupings

Here’s an example of a successful wall grouping. The frame designs for each piece are identical – with a shared horizon line, as well as a vertical line of distinction. However, the artwork is of all different shapes and sizes,

Quad Frames

A quad-art frame set offers a nice breath of fresh air in a very bold space.  The thin gold frame moulding is a great choice for these pieces and looks good against the vibrant, orange wall (see below).  Many color

Graduation Framing

It’s that time of year – graduation season!  Consider a collection of custom framed senior portraits, brought together in one of our custom wood or metal frames. Graduation happens only once.  Don’t forget to showcase your graduate and bring these

Frame Nature Objects

Custom framed found objects in nature… Who says you need to spend a lot on the art when there’s so much beauty surrounding us? You just need to know where to look.  And a great custom framer can make your

Sports Memorabilia Frames

Do you have a favorite Team?  Do you have some of their Sports Memorabilia? Consider framing so you can preserve it for a lifetime. Florida Frame House provides 3D frames that contain all sorts of Sports items.   And, just

Families of Fabric

A fabulous way to create a coordinating wall grouping – work in “families” of fabric and have each piece, cut in varying sizes, custom framed. A beautiful way to bring in color, and potentially even texture to your space! This

Remember the Pets!

Holiday season is always a good time to take family pictures because everyone is together.  But, don’t forget the pets because they are family too.  Christmas day, cats and dogs love to play with discarded wrapping paper, which can be


Tones of blue and yellow/gold are the constant in this gallery wall grouping… In addition to the like colors, the frame designs are all kept minimal and relatively neutral. It works!  Visit our Gallery and Custom Frames Shop in Winter